Why Do I Need to Exercise?

What is the best exercise to do?  The one your going to do!! Make it fun, change it up and most importantly you don’t have to start out crazy….

How long should you exercise?  First, make sure you check with your Dr before starting any exercise program… it is recommended to start out at 10- 20 mins a day, six days a week.  Build up from here, add to your time as you work out. Walking is a great way to start out.  Walking faster is more efficient than walking longer.  Exercise to feel good, not to just burn calories.

Most of us think of exercise as a chore, just another thing added to our long list of things to do.  If we set our alarms 30 minutes earlier to get up for work so we can do a workout, how many of us hit that snooze alarm and go right back to sleep?  I’m guilty for sure! It seemed like a good idea when I went to bed but not so good in the morning!

Or are you one of those people that say, “I’m gonna go to the gym right after work, before I even sit down for the evening, or I’m gonna go for a walk when I get home or get on the treadmill?  Then it never happens!

Why do we need to exercise? This was one of my Ah Ha! Moments!  Since the beginning of time we have all heard, “exercise is important for our health”… “wanna lose weight, then you need to exercise” UGH!!!!  My question has always been why? Other than the common factor it helps us to lose weight.  But what does it really do for the body?  What happens?  I’ve often heard if you incorporate weight lifting then it burns calories well after the workout but I still never understood “WHY” exercise was important.  Other than it’s good for our hearts etc.. So let me explain this the best I can that helps me every time I sit too long or when I don’t wanna work out…

Bare with me here and don’t quit reading because this will make sense… this is what I was taught through my schooling at Dr Sears Wellness Institute…  it is also one of four workshops I offer for group and one on one coaching…

This is a picture of what your endothelium looks like… what is an endothelium?  The endothelium is located in your blood vessels and is the largest endocrine system in your body!  Spread out it would be larger than several tennis courts!

    (courtesy of Dr Sears Wellness Institute)


What does it do then? Endothelium is your personal internal medicine pharmacy. HUH? What the hell does that mean? When you exercise/MOVE your body releases Nitric Oxide which prompts the body to make it’s own medicines. Nitric Oxide lowers the highs… high blood pressure, high cholesterol.  Basically, you are getting your blood flowing… when you sit for long periods of time such as at work or sitting in front of the tv, your blood of course is flowing but not like when your up moving around or exercising.

(Picture courtesy of Dr Sears Wellness Institute)

In left hand picture you can see your medicine bottles at the bottom of the pic are closed.  The yellow stuff above the medicine bottles is plaque or what we call “sticky” stuff that gets in your bloodstream and slows the blood flow down, leading to…. bingo!  You got it…  CLOTS!  Heart disease, high cholesterol. The food in the top right hand corner is not “real” food, it’s processed food and fast food.  You see how the red blood cells in the center of that pic are more together and not spread out.  It starts to build a traffic jam and narrows the arteries and the medicine bottles can’t open and release the nitric oxide.

In the right hand picture it shows someone who moves more and you will see at the bottom of the picture how the medicine bottles are open!  The food in the right hand corner is of fish,  fruits and veggies. You will also notice how the blood cells are spread out, widening the arteries.  No “sticky” stuff is accumulating and the blood is flowing freely!

Bottom line…  if your internal pharmacy is CLOSED it means more health problems and shorter life span.  If your pharmacy is OPEN then less health problems and longer life span!

So next time your exercising think about what your doing for your body and that is releasing Nitric Oxide.  Think about exercise  as more than just being a chore or a task you dread… this is saving your life!  It is preventing major health factors!  Every little bit of movement or exercise helps!  Quit making excuses!

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