Move it!!

With all the fancy apps and gadgets out there it can be confusing on which ones to use or not use.  Do we need the most expensive ones on the market?  Thousands of apps on our phones to pick from.  Then of course we have to  buy workout shoes and workout clothes…  I mean, we have to look good and feel good about working out! Right?!?

I think with a little research you can find the right app, fitness trackers, shoes and clothes.  You have to do what is right for YOU!  Not what is the “in” thing at the moment.  Some of those gadgets I swear you have to be a rocket scientist just to operate them, that and I am not tech savy at all!

Apps to chose from if you don’t have a fitness tracker are my fitness pal,  google fitness, workout trainer, Samsung Health….. the list goes on and on… try them out and see which one you like, see which one you understand and can follow.

I have a fitness tracker… my good ol fitbit, I love this thing!  I have it sunk with my phone so I can add in food intake, water intake, my weight goal… etc…  I got a new Flex 2 for Christmas and I like because it’s waterproof and I have it set so it reminds me to move every hour.  I don’t wear this one every day as there is no time display and that drives me nuts but when I get in the pool to water walk in a few months it will come in very handy because it’s waterproof and the fitbit is not!

Whatever is going to keep you moving and help hold you accountable is a great thing!

Last blog post I shared with you “why” we need to exercise… because your body releases Nitric Oxide which is like releasing shots of medicine into our bodies!!  Exercising prevents clogging of vessels, reopens clogged vessels, exercise makes our internal medicine stronger, exercise lowers blood cholesterol and makes more blood vessels.

How many of us have dreaded doing a workout or going to the gym but AFTER we workout we actually feel better!! And not too mention we get to give ourselves a little pat on the back for getting over that hill of doing it!  Remember this feeling!  Remember why you are doing this…  FOR YOUR HEALTH!! Make every day count, make every day matter!  No one is going to do it for you… no one can make you change… only YOU!  STRIVE & RISE!!  Go do a workout, you will thank yourself later!

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