Scale vs Measurements

Ok, so you got on the scale and the number made your eyes pop out as much as your waste band has been growing!  Funny, not funny!

This year is a new year and you decided THIS is gonna be your year!  Now you have made this vow many times over but this is it!  Your gonna do it!  No looking back!

So we begin… we either love the scale or we hate it! As someone that has struggled for years with the battle, I know it’s real.  It’s about as real as the addiction I have to food… and the curse of the  scale or a full length mirror!

What I have learned is… it isn’t about what the scale says as much as it is the measurements.  Think about this… if you weigh yourself every day or multiple times a day, the scale is going to fluctuate… your body is constantly changing throughout the day…  and as long as your weight number is going down all is good with the world and gives us a positive feeling but if that number goes up negative thoughts come into play.  I was told by my personal trainer years ago to ditch the scale, he allowed me to weigh myself every 2 weeks.  And it was rough at first because of course since I was working out and lifting weights, I was gaining weight buuuuuuut I was losing inches!!  We took measurements once a week, we did that on the same day and time. And when I weighed I weighed every 2 weeks same day, same time…

Now fast forward to today and I apply the same principle.  Not only did he teach me this but I learned about this when I became a health coach.  The size of your waist is a very strong indicator of your overall health!! Abdominal fat releases chemicals into the bloodstream that harm our bodies and cause increased risk for health problems!

What is your body type?


Toxic waist raises the “highs”…. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fats.  This results in diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimers, mood disorders, etc.  The bloodstream carries all these toxins that we store so you can imagine it effects everything in our bodies!

Toxic waist increases our chances for diseases!!

A women’s waist should be no greater than 35 inches and a man’s waste should be no more than 40 inches.

Did you know that when you go to the Dr if you are overweight or obese the new term now is pre diabetic?  What does that mean? Being overweight or obese increases your chances of becoming diabetic! Obesity accounts for 80-85% of the risk for developing type 2 diabetes!!  So in other words… your waist size matters!!

The scale can go up or down from day to day but your waist measurement is what counts!

So if your thinking of losing weight don’t put so much emphasis on the scale as you do measuring your waist.  When you go shopping for new clothes because you lost 20 lbs you don’t want to buy the same size, that 20 lbs wouldn’t mean as much to you as if you got to buy a smaller pair of pants. SIZE MATTERS! So if you have that pair of jeans from a decade ago that you want to get back into, let that be your drive more than the scale.