2017 is coming to an end…

December 28, 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to celebrate with the ones you love!

The new year is fast approaching and for some of us this past year has not been a very good one.  I know I’m ready to turn the page on 2017 and focus on 2018 and making it a fantastic year!

I truly believe that what doesn’t kill us, does make us stronger!!  If you have been knocked down learn how to get back up… and FIGHT!!! Don’t make what has weakened you in the past, define you!  STRIVE & RISE!!  I have started a closed group on facebook called Strive! Health & Wellness Motivation… if anyone out there is reading this would like to join please let me know… it’s a group where I will share some coaching strategies and where motivation will be the key to our success!

We all need to be held accountable and learn this is a process, a marathon, NOT a sprint!!  It’s learning to make your health & wellness a priority, consistency… Make your health a habit!!

You have all had the opportunity to read about my personal journey, ALL the ups and downs… it’s not over for me by a long shot!  I have to take each day as it comes and vow to myself, that I will NOT allow for myself to ever go back to the way I was before!  It’s not easy, some days are harder than others… I am and always will be a food addict!  The choices I make daily effect me…. whether its food or laying around all day and not being active.  It’s easier to eat crappy and grab what’s convenient rather than plan a meal and cook it… so every day I have to remind myself where I have came from and where I want to be… and that is making the ‘right” choices in food and exercise… and every step in the right direction is a win!!  On days I don’t follow my regimen, I don’t beat myself up… none of us are perfect and were not going to be all the time… I chose to make healthier choices 8 out of 10 times… but I wasn’t always there… when I first started it was maybe 2 out of 10… but as I learned about nutrition and my health that number went up… I realized I will not be a 10 out of 10 every day but for the majority I strive for that! Once you get “used” to eating healthier your body WILL let you know when you have not!  And because of the after shocks of what unhealthy eating does and how it makes me feel… most of the time what I ate was not worth it!

I recently had my blood work done and my levels were all good!  I can’t remember the last time that happened! My journey started 3 years ago… but I got real serious about it 6 months ago… I’m still a work in progress… and I will be for the rest of my life!

Hussell and Bussell time of year!

December 20, 2017

Holidays are such a busy time of the year… go here, go there, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas get togethers, baking the goodies for your family and friends… co-workers bringing in food to share…. cooooookies, cake, candy, drinks….  UGH!!

How many of us year after year make our New Year’s resolution to Lose Weight???  I have made that mine too many times to count! And I don’t know about you guys but I used to do good for about 2 weeks, if that! Then right back to where I was before. I had no willpower, no dedication, no desire to want to really make changes.

But I would try over and over again through out the year, and always on a Monday… I mean, why was it always on a Monday?  I never had a real answer for that except,  it gave me all weekend to eat as much as I wanted and indulge on everything that could possibly be bad for me… because come Monday, my stomach was gonna feel like my throat had been cut!  I vowed over and over to get control.  I failed each time…

I’ve learned in the past six months what my relationship with food was, what my triggers are, how to deal with it.  What I put into my body matters more that just what the scale says or my pant size.  I broke that mold that tied me down so many times.

I think the number one question I’m always asked is, “how did I do this?” second question “what did I do”?  Everyone wants an easy answer or easy solution.  Most of us know that proper diet and exercise is the key.  But we want results now, not later.  Yes, I had weight loss surgery but it is only a tool to help… it doesn’t stop the cravings or what I put into my body when I eat.  Nor does it the surgery not make me hungry… all false!

So my answers to those questions are not some miracle cure… sorry not sorry.  It took me getting educated and learning about nutrition and exercise… how to set goals, short term, and long term.  I learned I had to be idealistic about where I want to be and not live in a fantasy world.

Set goals for yourself before the end of the year of what you want out of 2018! Write them down somewhere where you can see them.  Don’t be afraid to change old habits, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

During the next year I will post about some of the things I have learned and for anyone out there wanting one on one coaching… you can contact me on this blog or my personal email…. striveandrise4health@gmail.com we can discuss your personal goals, and we can discuss my fees.

I can’t express enough what it is like to live a healthier lifestyle and how it saved my life getting educated!

You have to start somewhere… Make 2018 a healthier life for yourself!


I am now a Certified Health Coach!!

December 18, 2017

Good afternoon all!  It’s been a while since I have posted!  I have been extremely busy studying for my health coach certification test!  I’ve been in school for several months learning all kinds of good things about how to live a healthier life!  Good news is I PASSED MY CERTIFICATION!!   Yaaaay!  So now I am a Certified Health Coach and I’m beyond happy and excited about that!

I’ve always known that I wanted to help others that struggle, not with just their weight but how to live a healthier lifestyle!  I wanted to know all the “whys” and “how” comes… I wanted proof and knowledge how these changes work for your body and what it does.

I just graduated from one of the top five Institutes for Health Coaching!  Dr Sears Wellness Institute!  I learned about the science behind living a healthier lifestyle, how the body responds to food and exercise.

As most of you already know… I am still going through this process of losing weight and incorporating better ways to get and stay healthy!

My goals are not the same goals that others may have in achieving a healthier lifestyle, not everyone wants to lose weight nor do they need too.  But if your wanting to learn about healthy living  and understand some of the things that goes on within your body, that is what I want to teach you!  I know for me, once all this was taught to me I defiantly had my “ah ha” moments!  All these years of struggling with my addiction to food FINALLY made sense!!

I will coach my clients on the acronym I learned from school….    L.E.A.N.

L= Lifestyle

E= Exercise

A= Attitude

N= Nutrition

I will also offer Individual one on one coaching,  group coaching, Pantry Makeover, Smart Shopping, workshops and much more!

My new business is STRIVE Health & Wellness Coaching!!  Website will be launched in the first part of the year but until then I am available to set up appointments through here on this blog or  my business email striveandrise4health@gmail.com