September 6, 2018

I want to share and update everyone that follows or stops by to read my blog…  we will be launching a new logo and design soon for the business!!  I am so excited about embarking on this new adventure and sharing my stories and hopefully inspiring you as I go!

We will launch the new business and blog soon!  So stay tuned please!  I plan on blogging everyday, a little about this, a little about that…

Food Addiction Rebel will be the new business’ name and I can’t wait to inspire and motivate you and educate you on how important living a healthier lifestyle is… but we are going to make it fun and exciting and not always about health but every day life!

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Weight Loss Surgery Misconception

June 14, 2018

It has been awhile since my last post and I apologize for that.  Life has been a tad bit busy.   I’ve been busy working on my new business and getting details worked out as well as working with new clients.  Been busy busy!

One thing I keep hearing or reading a lot from people is about weight loss surgery.  It gets frustrating to keep hearing if someone has had weight loss surgery then they shouldn’t be looked at the same as someone who has lost the weight “naturally”.  Weight loss surgery seems to carry astigmatism with it and mostly in part to those who haven’t been through it personally or are not educated on what it all consists of.  It is by far NOT the easy way out, I can assure you of this! You don’t wake up one day and just decide you are going to have weight loss surgery, it doesn’t work like that. For some people it literally takes years to make the decision whether to have weight loss surgery or not.  And you sure don’t just get to walk into your doctor’s office and say, ” I want weight loss surgery” and then they schedule you for surgery the next day.

Once the decision has been made to have weight loss surgery, the decision has to be made on which surgery will work best for the patient.   There is Lap Band Surgery, The Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch with biliopancreatic Surgery.  Each surgery offers different things and without going into a lot of detail the end result is losing weight.  How much weight depends on the surgery and how the patient follows through with what they are supposed to be doing.

After the surgery is decided upon by the patient and their surgeon, then depending on the surgeon and if a patient is covered by insurance the whole long list of qualifications begins.  I had the Lap Band done in 2007 and got private loans and no insurance but I still had to go through the exact same long, grueling process in 2014 with insurance paying.  So whichever route you have to go there are plenty of hurdles to jump through.

Both times I had to see my regular doctor for 6 months… he had to log my weight every month and had to take notes on what we discussed… after the 6 months was up then he submitted a letter telling the bariatric surgeon he recommended me to have the weight loss surgery.  A consultation was set up with the surgeon and we discussed my options of which surgery to have. After the type of surgery I was going to have, then I had to go see a psychologist, the reason for this is to see if your mentally ready for the big changes to come before and after surgery.  I also had to attend a mandatory seminar before I was able to see the surgeon. Once all the paperwork from insurance and doctors etc is done they scheduled me for surgery…

So that is just a little bit of all the pre-surgery stuff and of course every surgical center is different.  If this is your first blog post you are reading, please go back and read my other posts and they will tell you in detail everything I have gone through.

I guarantee you anyone that has had weight loss surgery can tell you… if you do not prepare yourself for life after surgery, it can be a rude awakening.  Weight loss surgery is NOT a quick fix, it doesn’t solve all the problems a food addict has.  It is to be used as a tool.  Right after surgery you can’t eat solid food if you tried, you do have rapid weight loss because your food intake is basically nothing.  Once the new stomach has healed after a few months to a year, you are able to eat more food… but here’s the catch… the same bad choices a food addict had before surgery doesn’t go away.  After the healing process if bad food choices are made, the weight will come back.  It takes constant diligence monitoring what we are eating and why.  We get just as hungry as we did before… the new stomach pouch can get stretched out over time and not be as effective.  There are certain foods that are called “slider foods”  which are chips, crackers, ice cream, cookies… basically junk foods… they are foods that do not sustain in the stomach pouch and slide through but not after consuming the bad calories.  In other words those junk foods that most of us love, serve no purpose except empty calories, no health benefits and leave us still hungry.  Protein takes a lot longer for us to digest and gives that full feeling longer.

Along with all this… surgery patients can have dumping syndrome which is exactly what it is… dumping…  sugar is a bad one… it can make us dump out whatever we ate… which to most that sounds amazing… again… I can tell you it is not! Just like anything else if we ate enough of it our bodies will eventually like it again which then causes the weight gain.

Oh and did I mention surgery is extremely painful???  Besides all of this and depending on the person, surgery itself is no walk in the park.  I was almost 500 lbs and the one thing I didn’t realize is… I wasn’t prepared to feel the way I did.  Since my calorie and protein intake was basically zero it made me very weak.   I had always bounced back from any surgery I had except the gastric bypass… I was not prepared to be so weak.  I still had to lug around almost 500 lbs and with no food taking a shower was a huge task!!  I was a person that took a shower twice a day and after surgery I had to sit on a chair in the shower and bathe in stages.  I couldn’t even get myself dressed right after, I had to go sit for awhile until I could muster up enough energy to get dressed.  It sucked!  And after I talked with a few other gastric patients I found out this was a common thing.  The more weight you have to lug around after surgery is harder.  It took over 6 months to get my strength back.

So the whole point of this post is this… whether you have weight loss surgery or not doesn’t make losing weight a simple fix.  Weight loss patients have to work to keep it off, yes it comes off a lot faster, but just like anything else in life, if you don’t maintain it… it will come back! It truly is a combination of eating healthy and changing your lifestyle that is key.  Nutrition and exercise = long term success!

Kudos to those that do it “naturally” that is awesome!  But to those of us that have had weight loss surgery kudos to us too because it’s not the easy way out, it was about making a choice to get help after we tried everything else.  It’s not about willpower and not a switch you can turn off and on.  I ate and made very bad choices and I knew it was bad but I couldn’t stop it… hence why I am a food addict… I got help… I’ve had to fight my addiction still because it doesn’t stop the cravings but weight loss surgery does help if used as a tool to help us not to eat as much, as long as we aren’t eating the wrong foods or overeating and stretching our new stomachs out. There are pros and cons to everything in life…  weight loss surgery is no different… everything is a choice… whether to eat til your miserable, whether or not to have surgery, yada, yada, yada… in the end anyone who has struggled with their weight we should all be supportive no matter the journey and not that someone is weaker for doing something or not doing it. Just sayin!


January 25, 2018

In November 2014 I had gastric bypass surgery.  From almost the moment after surgery I experienced major complications.  I was diagnosed with an ulcer at one of my new connection sites.  I was put on medication for the ulcer and repeatedly went back to Dr Dumbass (my surgeon)  and every time he would just dismiss me with more meds and out the door I’d go.  I ended up in the ICU 3 different times… I had extremely low electrolytes and my heart rate was all over the place.  I had many EGD’s done (endoscopy) and each time the ulcer was detected but nothing ever seemed to get rid of it.

This went on for 3 years until Dr Dumbass made the comment for me to go to Mayo… so I did!

During this 3 years before going to Mayo, I was in constant pain… I had a feeding tube at one point…. what was supposed to be life changing and super exciting quickly became a nightmare!

All the preparation we have to go thru before surgery, no one prepares us for the things that can go terribly wrong.

Why did I decide to have gastric after the lap band was such a fail?

Because my weight was out of control!  I had an awful addiction to food, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t beat it.  I was literally hungry ALL the time! No matter how much I ate, it was never enough.  I was in a very bad place.  In November of 2013 I went to see my ortho dr for my knees.  My knees were killing me!  I could barely walk!  After x rays it showed that both of my knees were bone to bone with bone spurs!  The Dr looked at me and as nice as he could put it said, “you have to lose weight, there is nothing I can do for you now” I thought to myself, “well no shit I need to lose weight, your not telling me anything I don’t know”!  I felt a huge lump in my throat and I fought back the tears.  All I wanted to do was run (or in my case waddle) out of there as fast as I could!  I got to my car and cried.  I knew he was right as mad and humiliated as I was right then and there I knew I had to do something.

So I came home and called my insurance company, I was advised as of Jan 2014 if you worked for the state they would pay a portion of bariatric surgery.  There would also just like with the lap band be all the same hurdles to jump through.  But I was so excited, I didn’t care!

Come Jan I had to have a letter from my primary dr stating that he thought I was a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery.  Then I had to meet with him for 6 months,  I had a mandatory seminar to attend, plus many other hurdles.

Nov 21 2014 I had the surgery!  My whole family went with me to support me and was there waiting for me after I got out of surgery.  The first night was a rough one.  I ended up stop breathing and sounding all the alarms off! The next day I had to have a blood transfusion as I lost a lot of blood during surgery.  The complications followed me after I was released.  Not the outcome I was wishing for.

One big thing I didn’t research after surgery was how I would feel…  I weighed 489 going in and coming out I weighed just a little less… but one thing I was expecting was carrying all that weight around after.  I was completely depleted on nutrients and food.  So I was very weak.  Even taking a shower or walking to the bathroom was extremely tasking. My mom even had to buy me a shower chair and a walker.  I thought I’d be off work only 2 weeks and it ended up being 8 weeks plus many more missed days due to being in the hospital afterwards for 3 years.

I am asked quiet frequently if I would recommend surgery and my answer is NO! If I had known then what I know now and how high some risks are I never would of done it period!  Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight but I have paid the price for it… literally! I wish I would of got more education on the surgery and how to live a healthier lifestyle before I went through all this! Food addiction is a disease just like any other addiction… and just because I’ve had the surgery doesn’t mean I’m not hungry or make the “right” choices in food.  Knowledge is power!!  There is NO such thing as willpower nor is it just as easy as pushing yourself away from the food.  It’s about choices and learning how to control those impulses and cravings.  Nothing about weight loss or weight loss surgery is easy and if you think it is… walk in those shoes!

Now this takes us to the surgery #3…. not a surgery I wanted but had to have to save my life! Read that blog post…


FOOD ADDICT… that is me!

October 12, 2017

We’ve all had those cravings… whether it’s something sweet, something salty, fast food to soda pop! I’ve always been addicted to junk food/processed food… the more it was bad for me, the more I craved it! WHY? Because it tastes good and for me most importantly, it’s convenient!! I don’t like to cook, like many of us out there. If I could go get fast food somewhere it made my life much easier. The worst thing I had to do was sit in my car and wait in line for the drive thru. I could have my food in just minutes and be on my way to eating and divulging into my decadent sin.

I was the typical person saying, “I didn’t have a food addiction”. People would ask me all the time if I was an “emotional” eater… my response was always, “No, I eat when I’m happy, when I’m sad, no matter the occasion”! I ate because I was hungry!! I was hungry ALL the time! And my fast food addiction was out of convenience and not wanting to take the time to cook my meals, not because I was addicted, or so I thought. But my food addiction was not just for fast food but sweets as well… double whammy! I could go to the store and literally look in my cart and not have anything in there but junk! Cookies, cake, cereal, processed food, and I would always look over my shoulder to see who I might run into in the store and be embarrassed about what was in my cart! I didn’t want people to “judge” me! Ha! I knew what I was doing to my body subconsciously but I wasn’t ready to come to terms with it.

What is a food addict? Addiction of any kind is a behavior. Being addicted to food is no different than being addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling or shopping. It is a behavior. Being a food addict myself I’ve made a million excuses for my behavior! Food for me is a reward in any state of mind I have been in. Food has always been my comfort, my place of acceptance from the world. Just like any other addiction food gives me that quick gratification and the sense of feeling good in that moment. How did I know I was an addict? Because I couldn’t just stop! I needed the rush I got from the food I was eating. I sneaked around and hid my addiction. I would hide candy bar wrappers in the trash, under other pieces of trash. I would hide fast food sacks in the trunk of my car after I ate it and then throw it out later when no one would know. Until the day I got busted by doing that! The humiliation I felt when I was found out! Standing there with no words to say. I knew I had a problem. But I didn’t want to give up how food made me feel. I just had to get better at hiding it and not make the same mistake by getting caught again. Of course I never thought about how this was all effecting my health and what I was doing to my body. You can’t eat that much food and not gain weight. And boy, let me tell you… I gained a lot of weight! I became very complacent in my life. Same routine, same bad habits, no change for good.

I am a food addict no denying it, no running from it! Every day is a choice for me… every day my behavior towards food does define me and where I want to be!

I created this blog to help others that struggle with their weight and food control issues by sharing my experiences. My goal is to help others by showing them that they are not alone in their journey and there is hope to get past it and live your life! I’ve been through the gamut and I will explain all as we go… it IS a marathon and not a sprint… so stayed tuned… there is more to come!

Hello world!

October 7, 2017

Hello All!

Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope to take you on a journey of discovery, gaining an understanding of self and all the lessons learned along the way that have helped me in my perpetual food fight.  Humor has protected me along the way so be prepared to laugh while we move through the maze of a life heavily influenced by food.  Through the dieting, the exercising, the weight loss surgeries (yes, that’s right…plural) and finally to not just a healing of the body but healing the mind as well.  Every day is a lesson learned and some are more of a struggle than others. However, I am determined to continue to learn new things and become stronger, faster and able to leap tall buildings.  Look for health tips, fitness ideas, guest bloggers who will provide tips on managing stress, improving sleep, the emotional brain behind food addiction and much more.

Please join me in this adventure and together we can stand against the enemy of addiction!